This year Musikelectronic Geithain looks back on 50 years of history, on May 5th.The Company “PGH Fernsehen-Rundfunk-Uhren” was founded by the 18 year old Joachim Kiesler, another radio doctor and two watchmakers. They are coped all the economic problems of the GDR with a lot of skill.
In 1966 Joachim Kiesler decides to produce own products for the market. Directed by him the team developed microphone pre amplifiers, power amps and power mixers. Only four years later the manufacturing of electronic organs started in Geithain. It was the aim of these products to recreate the sound of classic pipe organs.
In 1972 the “PGH” was forced by the government to be changed into a state owned firm like the most of the corporations in the GDR in this time. In search of gaps in the market Kiesler decided to develop his first speakers in the “VEB Musikelectronic”. The first car speaker designed in Geithain was sold in 1980. The “UNI 15” won the most important industry award in the GDR, the “Gütezeichen Q”. It rose to a mass product and was sold over 10 million times. Other Hi-Fi speakers followed which enjoyed great popularity also in the FRG. The “BR 25” a two way bass reflex speaker, which is dealt as an insiders’ tip nowadays. Around 650,000 pieces left the factory in Fürstenwalde. The development of the studio monitor “RL 900” was finished in the same year. The brilliant sound quality of this speaker was one key for the success in the German and international broadcasting corporations.
All the numerous follow up speakers of the “RL 900” created an international excepted trademark of Musikelectronic Geithain. Also a lot of users in the home market are enjoying the quality of the products from the Saxon manufactory. In celebration of this anniversary Musikelectronic Geithain would like to thank all the customers and partners for their trust throughout the long time of its existence.

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