Green Acoustics

Green Acoustics introduces exclusive serial-produced acoustic panels that combine sustainable materials, high acoustic efficiency and safety in one thought.

Green Acosutics are working constantly to optimize our products in terms of ecological sustainability and efficiency. This includes the assortment of materials, manufacturing, the sustainability and re-usage of commodities, the efficiency of material handling, timelessness of design, the durability and utility usage, the avoidance of packaging waste, and the brevity of logistics.

Be aware: 100% consistent maximization in ecological thinking, stands in contrast with today’s established class 1 fire standards, but we try to compensate that by the points made above.

Our materials have GermanB1-fire certifications for safe use in public spaces. The filling can be 100% recycled and is anti-allergen. On inquiry we also consult you on alternative fillings, like hemp.

Greenacoustic panels are timeless. The panels are constructed in a building set system, and therefore you can expand and stack them according to your individual needs. The panels are built in neutral basic tints, but are also available in different colors on request. We also offer individualized motives to fit with your room design. This can be done by screen-printing or digital printing.

Consultation on grennacoustics panels is only available via e-mail or with our distribution partners.

Green Acoustics fulfill all requirements for the use in professional projects. All measured results were conducted professionally in the acoustic department of the Technical University Berlin (Technische Universität Berlin), they therefore are readable and usable for every acoustician.