Phoenix Audio

Phoenix Audio was originally formed in July 1996 to provide a British service for owners of Pre-1980 Neve recording consoles.

After spending a number of successful years maintaining and modifying recording consoles, Shaun decided to design and produce a range of high quality, Class A, discrete products that would be a valuable addition to any recording studio.

At the forefront of circuit design is David Rees and Shaun Leveque. David is an ex-Neve design engineer with an impressive array of designs to his credit. Probably the most famous design is the Neve 2254 Limiter/compressor.

Our range of products are designed, built and wired in-house by professional wiremen and engineers with many years experience that take great pride in the quality of their craftsmanship. We aim to produce First Class, Class A, discrete equipment that is fully backed by a growing network of dealers and distributors based in the US, across Europe and the rest of the world.

Phoenix Audio products are unique, original and are carefully and expertly designed to combine the advantages of many years of audio experience with today’s component and manufacturing technology. In 2009 Phoenix Audio relocated to the USA and southern California, now all our manufacturing and worldwide distribution is handled from our offices in Costa Mesa.