ASAP Europe supply all Sterling Modular products in the UK we also specialise in importing bespoke Sterling Modular desks not normally stocked in Europe. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your needs and arrange a quotation and delivery schedule. The goods will be delivered to your door as part of the package.

Sterling Modular Systems, Inc. is a company that designs and produces fine furniture for the Audio Recording industry, and Broadcast industry. We make a high quality product at a fair price, using the best available materials, methods and hardware.

We design and fabricate products in various price ranges, while retaining an excellent "value per dollar" at all product levels. From the top of the line custom furnishings, to our more affordable, "pre-designed, assembly required" line of racks and consoles, our in-house craftsmen personally control and oversee every operation.

For over 20 years, our business has grown slowly and consistently, based solely on customer satisfaction and reputation for quality. Future growth will be based on delivering a quality product to a larger group of "like minded" clients that recognize and demand the best. It will not be based on mass producing a product that will be in every store in every city.

We do not participate in the mass market "outsource" mentality that has become the U.S. business model. We will never let our business get to the point where we have to give up our quality standards.

11 products

11 products