API Lunchbox 8HC


API Lunchbox 8HC - 8 Slot Portable 500-Series rack with external Power Supply

The API Lunchbox 8HC is an 8-slot 500-series chassis with DB25 connectivity, channel linking, universal external power supply and the ability to rackmount with the optional rack ears.

The Lunchbox 8HC is compatible with all standard 500-series and VPR-approved modules.

API Lunchbox 8HC Features

  • 8 Slots with 250 mA of power per slot
  • Full compatibility with API 500 Series and VPR-approved modules
  • DB25 connectivity on the rear panel
  • Phantom Power
  • Optional Rack Ears available for rack mounting
  • Toggle switches for channel linking
  • Rubber feet & carrying handle for portability
  • Rugged steel chassis
  • Perfect for remote recording of Vocalist and Instruments