ATC SCM 12iPro


ATC SCM12i Pro

While weighing in at a reasonable 15kg/33lbs (per cabinet), the SCM12i Pro’s compact cabinet size — 400x238x235mm/
15.7”x9.4”x9.3” (HxWxD) — and exceptional performance attributes — amplitude linearity: 80Hz – 16kHz (+/-2dB); cutoff frequencies:
56Hz – 22kHz (-6dB freestanding); dispersion: ±80° coherent horizontal, ±10° coherent vertical; maximum continuous SPL: 108dB (per
pair @ 1m) — make it an ideal loudspeaker for use in surround/multi-channel recording/mixing, and immersive audio applications
such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro 3D. To facilitate simple installation in whatever audio environment it may find itself — immersive
or otherwise, the cabinet features mounting points compatible with popular wall/ceiling brackets, such as those offered by the likes
of Californian company Adaptive Technologies Group and German giant König & Meyer (K&M).
Distinguishing Deutschland-compatible, installation-friendly features apart, the SCM12i Pro is designed around the same philosophy
as ATC’s two- and three-way active monitor loudspeakers and also employs driver components and technology found in those
larger models, resulting in exceptional consistency across the product range. Indeed, it is worth noting that the monitor makes use of
the company’s celebrated drive units for both the mid/bass and tweeter, both being meticulously hand built at its UK facility.
The tweeter itself is a 25mm/one-inch soft-dome designed around ATC’s unique dual-suspension technology. Unlike conventional
tweeters, this precision part employs two suspensions, offering far greater control of the voice coil and dome motion — especially at
higher sound pressure levels. The result is an extended high-frequency response with much greater clarity and definition due to the
reduction in disturbing anharmonic distortion. Listener fatigue is also greatly reduced, resulting in users being able to work for longer
periods with greater accuracy.
At the lower end of the frequency spectrum, mid/bass reproduction is handled by ATC’s 150mm/six-inch proprietary CLD drive unit.
Using a 45mm/1.75-inch diameter voice coil, and employing an FEA (Finite Element Analysis) optimised high-energy symmetric gap
motor system, the driver is capable of tremendous dynamic range with minimal power compression. Cone construction is courtesy of
another proprietary ATC technology that represents another advance in driver performance — namely, Constrained Layer Damping
(CLD), a process that uses multiple laminated fabric cones to form a stiff, light, and tremendously well-damped structure. Speaking
acoustically, this construction creates a smoother on- and off-axis frequency response and also a reduction in distortion leading to a
more lifelike reproduction of source material. Meaningfully, judgements and decisions can be made more quickly, more accurately,
and for longer periods of time by busy working audio professionals.
Put it another way: by employing exceptional drive units, the passive crossover can, by design, use the minimum number of
components in a simple, second-order implementation. Indeed, the capacitors are all 250Vdc metallised polypropylene and all the
inductors are air-cored types for minimal signal distortion. Additionally, all of the inductors are very high-purity copper while largegauge
wire is used for the bass components to minimise signal losses.
Let it be known, then, that simple, well-engineered products almost always trump feature-rich, cost-engineered alternatives, and
ATC’s SCM12i Pro has been duly designed with that philosophy very much intact. Its neutral fidelity makes for a very versatile
proposition, one which — when backed up with the company’s industry-leading six-year warranty — makes for a high-value,
longterm investment for anyone looking to make a move into immersive audio or upgrade their existing monitoring system. So surely
now is the time to consider entering that brave new world of EQ’ing, balancing, and editing faster, with more consistent results and
reduced listening fatigue using the latest, high-performance, compact two-way passive monitor marvel from ATC, perfectly
positioned for installation into recording, post-production, broadcast, and film studios of all shapes and sizes!