ATR Master Tape 2" Analog


ATR Magnetics is the only analog tape manufacturing company in America and has won the respect of audio recording engineers and analog recording enthusiasts worldwide. Our goals are innovation, performance and customer driven quality. Our mission is simple, to produce high quality analog recording tape, utilizing modern equipment and innovative manufacturing methods. There are a significant number of artists, producers and engineers that prefer the sound of analog tape and know that recording on tape is the best approach. ATR Magnetics' mission is to meet this demand now and in the future.

ATR Magnetics Master Tape - A new formulation providing ultra-low noise, high output, high resolution performance. Due to a new and innovative manufacturing process ATR Master Tape works well with all tape recorders. If music recording is your passion, ATR is your tape.

ATR Magnetics wishes to thank our customers and the readers of MIX Magazine for making ATR Master Tape the winner of the 2008 TEC Award. We are surprised and humbled to be TEC Award recipients. Formulating and tuning our process to supply production quantities of high quality analog mastering tape has been a monumentally difficult task. To be receiving great customer acceptance and industry recognition make us all know it is worth the effort.