Bock Audio iFET Large Diaphragm FET Microphone


Dual FET Amplifiers in a Single Mic

The dual-voiced Bock Audio iFet microphone is a perfect choice for space-challenged studios. The iFet gives you the big sound of a large-diaphragm mic with two separate sets of electronics. You can select between the different Class A amplifiers via the front switch labeled "V" and "I". The V mode offers up the classic vocal mic sounds of yesterday, and I mode gives you an extended frequency range and higher SPL handling. Bring two distinctly different sounds to your studio with the dual-mode Bock Audio iFet condenser microphone.

Bock Audio iFet Condenser Microphone at a Glance:
  • V mode for classic vocal mic sounds
  • I mode offers larger response
  • Handcrafted excellence for premium sound

V mode for classic vocal mic sounds
Bock Audio is known for creating amazing-sounding mics and the iFet is no exception. The V mode is perfect for capturing intimate vocals. You'll notice a decidedly classic, warm vocal sound that isn't overly bright. Modeled after the single FET km84 circuit, the iFet V mode has a definite vintage vibe that you'll return to time after time.

I mode offers larger response
The fet's I mode offers a classic high-SPL Class A discrete electronic package, one FET and four transistors, with an improved frequency range. You'll get the classic high-SPL FET sound with an increased treble and bass response. This mode if perfect for drums, bass amps, and loud vocalists.

Handcrafted excellence for premium sound
Bock Audio microphones are handcrafted, with point-to-point wiring, time-proven transformer circuitry, and an attention to detail that truly brings the sound of prized vintage mics "back to life." Bock Audio doesn't compromise when it comes to components, construction, assembly, or testing. These mics are hand-tuned, using strictly tested European capsules and premium-grade electronics.

Bock Audio iFet Condenser Microphone Features:
  • Class A Dual mode large-diaphragm condenser microphone
  • Classic vocal mic sounds when used in V mode
  • I mode expands the mics response and SPL handling
  • Two sets of FET electronics give each mode a distinct sound
  • Includes wood box, stand mount