CharterOak K500 500 EQ Series Module


The CharterOak K500 is unlike other console and 500 series equalisers, the K500 offers fully parametric control over the entire bandwidth of the device as well as some unique features that engineers will find to be very powerful tools in both tracking and mixing.

CharterOak K500 Ultra Parametric Equaliser features high headroom and low distortion on 3 ultra wide bands. Seeking to appeal to a wide audience of audio professionals the K500 will fit into any 500 series powered rack.

The processor is delivered with a lifetime warranty on all parts and labor and easy access to factory technical support.

The K500 has a very clear and open sound. It's very accurate but not entirely neutral. It has a very hi-fi sound as does all of our outboard processing and microphones. This equalizer is fully parametric throughout the entire bandwidth of the device and is intended for use when powerful and versatile equalization is necessary. You will find no more powerful parametric equalizer in either a 500 series module or console equalizer on the market.

The K500 is transformerless and is designed around many JFET operational amplifiers used in the filters, input and output stages. These days, especially when it comes to compressors, "color" tends to mean distorted and generally malfunctioning with lots of pumping and gasping. With respect to the K500 equalizer, and the rest of our outboard designs, we're trying to achieve a very hi-fi sound that is not entirely neutral, adds some magic to the sound, and is entirely musical, but doesn't add this "vintage" mud that we hear in so many of today's designs and recreations of older designs. You won't find any more musical equalizer that is capable of such powerful equalization in such a small package.