Focal Trio 6BE Red Burr Ash (pair) & Argosy Spire 420i (pair) Bundle


This super Focal/Argosy bundle is the centre of your listening experience at a great price ...
Focal Trio6 Be red burr ash, three-way and a two-way monitor - Two monitors in one with remote switching,  a quick and effective way to compare the mix translated to a compromised speaker system, 1" pure Beryllium Inverted dome tweeter, 5" composite sandwich cone mid-woofer, 8" composite sandwich cone subwoofer, Three internal custom amplifiers producing a total of 450W, Frequency range 35 thomann - 40000 Hz, Rotating baffle: facilitates both horizontal and vertical setups, LF and HF shelving, 160Hz EQ: simplifies room integration, 115dB peak @ 1m: high SPL accommodates all musical styles, Remote pedal (not supplied) switching for FOCUS mode (two-way or three-way configuration), Three thomann control knobs for adjusting low and high frequencies and 160Hz notch, cabinet made from 22mm MDF with textured grey and black paint, balanced XLR input with 10 kohms, input sensitivity +4dBu / -10dBv, indicators and controls: Input sensitivity selector (+4dBu/-10dBV), Low frequency thomann shelving (+/- 3dB from 35 to 250Hz), High frequency shelving (+/- 3dB from 4.5 to 40kHz), EQ low-mid frequencies (+/- 3dB at 160Hz, Q factor = 1), FOCUS input / FOCUS output, power supply: 230V (class T fuse 1.6A fuse rating) - 115V (class thomann T fuse 3.5 A fuse rating), dimensions: 520 x 278 x 360 mm, weight: 20 kg, colour: Red Burr Ash
ARGOSY Spire Speaker Stand with patented IsoAcoustics technology. This beautiful stand is made with 5/4" powder-coated substrate to provide a safe, sturdy, and resilient solution to isolate your studio monitors. Featuring beveled edges and a stunning look to enhance the feel of your studio. The isolators are designed to keep all movement on-axis... to move in the direction of the speakers cones' travel, while resisting movement in other directions. Place your monitors on the 420i or 360i and you will notice a definite tightening of the low end and improved stereo imaging of your existing speakers.