Green Acoustics BB Easy Broadband Absorber Wall/Cloud 2 Units


Green Acoustics introduces exclusive serial-produced acoustic panels that combine sustainable materials, high acoustic efficiency and safety in one thought.

Greenacoustic panels are timeless. The panels are constructed in a building set system, and therefore you can expand and stack them according to your individual needs. The panels are built in neutral basic tints, but are also available in different colors on request. We also offer individualized motives to fit with your room design. This can be done by screen-printing or digital printing.


BB-EASY brilliant white cloth panel: an extremely light and easy to use broadband absorber.

Absorption characteristics: down to aprox. 200Hz

Dimensions: 800x800x100mm (height/width/depth)

Weight: 1,9 KG

The BB-EASY is the ideal solution for acoustic treatment of primary reflections and flutter echo and for the acoustic drying of rooms.

The BB-EASY can be applied to walls or ceilings directly, or it can be lowered down from the ceiling. It’s extremely light weight and an excellent price-value relation are a unique selling point of the BB-EASY. Its materials are all B1-fire certified and make the use in public spaces possible. The basic colors of the BB-EASY are white or steel-grey.There are four fixation hooks on the back, for easy installation. It also has a fabric cross on its length side for easy application for example, on microphone stands.