Green Acoustics BB Standard 2 Units


 Green Acoustics BB-Standard

Green Acoustics BB-Standard white - set of 2 pieces, cloth panel with wooden frame. The BB-STANDARD has the same absorption characteristics as the BB-EASY, and is therefore the ideal solution for acoustic treatment of primary reflections and flutter echo and for the acoustic drying of rooms. 

The provided wooden feet can be used in the back of the panel when mounted to a wall as a distance bracket, or underneath the panel to avoid scratching of wooden floors or other panels. 

The BB-STANDARD can be placed on top of a DE-BASS or DE-MITTER and connected easily by a clamp. The resulting height in the middle of the broadband absorber on top of the bass absorber is the optimum height for the ears of a sitting person, and therefore an optimum treatment of the primary reflections is guaranteed. 

As a free accessory kit for installation greenacoustics provides 2 eye bolts, 2 hooks, 2 anchor bolts, as well as 4 wooden feet, dimensions: 824 x 824 x 100 mm (without feet) weight: 7,7 kg, 

NOTE: Telephone Alan @ ASAP 0207 231 9661 to confirm shipping prices for these units... They are heavy so we want to get you the best deal!