Green Acoustics De-Bass 2 Units


Green Acoustics BB-Bass 2 Units

Green Acoustics BB-Bass white - set of 2 pieces, cloth panel with wooden frame, low frequency absorber, Absorption characteristics: 80Hz,

The DE-BASS is the perfect panel to complete rooms in the frequency regions under the broadband and the mid-frequency absorbers. It can just be put on the floor, where it is most effective near edges or in thomann corners, where the pressure stasis of the low frequencies occurs.

It can also be used as a base panel for the BB-STANDARD and the DE-MITTER, or just applied to walls directly, As a free accessory kit for installation greenacoustics provides 2 eye bolts, 2 thomann hooks, 2 anchor bolts, as well as 4 wooden feet, dimensions: 824 x 824 x 150 mm (without feet) weight: 10,6 kg, 

Color: white, Do not wash! Washing would destroy the B1-fire certification!

NOTE: Telephone Alan @ ASAP 0207 231 9661 to confirm shipping prices for these units... They are heavy so we want to get you the best deal!