Radial JDX-LB Reactor Guitar Amp Emulator


Radial JDX-LB Lunchbox JDX Active Speaker Emulation Direct Box Details

Craft your guitar sound with the clever JDX. This is the 500 series module for the discerning studio engineer who aims to develop a quality guitar sound without necessarily having the big room or understanding neighbours!

The Radial JDX is a guitar amp and speaker interface that is designed to capture both the sound of the head plus the back electromagnetic impulse of the loudspeaker via a reactive load. For the recording engineer, this provides a very consistent tone which is both repeatable and easily re-patched as needed. 

Part of the magic is the tone shaping filters. This is designed to emulate a 4x12 half stack mic'd with a Shure SM57. The Reactor can be configured for 100 watt or 300 watt guitar amps and the frequency can be extended for bass use. During listening tests, we found that the Reactor worked best when used with a premium mic preamplifier such as the Radial PowerPre or a tradition Neve 1073 mic pre. Fizz control was introduced as a means to round out the harmonic generation and improve the sound when using the Reactor with lower cost mixing consoles and entry level mic preamps. 

Standard features include transformer isolated output, polarity reverse and ground lift. The Workhorse Omniport is implemented as a guitar-level direct out to feed a second amplifier, effect device or signal splitter. And to further expand possibilities, you can connect a guitar directly to the Reactor by selecting the recessed front panel switch. This allows the Reactor's great sounding cabinet emulation filters to be used on virtually any source to add realism.