Retrospec Squeeze Box - Verdant European Edition


The legendary TUBE stomp-box limiter.


Finally! High quality tube compression and limiting is available (read: affordable) to the home/project studio and discerning musicians. retrospec’s classic, optically controlled unit, housed in a rugged stomp box has been designed to meet the needs of musicians and audio engineers alike.

The result? A remarkable unit with exceptional performance features.

This versatile unit handles musical instrument level signals as well as moderate line levels, affording its use at unbalanced recorder sends and console insert points. A balanced XLR output allows direct connection to mic level inputs. The absence of input and output transformers gives the Squeeze Box unrivaled frequency and transient response, all with the edge only a tube can deliver.


Word on the Street:

"While more than you’d expect to pay for your average effect pedal, when you consider you’re also getting a high quality tube DI, a line-level signal processor, and a makeshift tube pre, that’s a serious bargain. That kind of versatility, combined with its warm, clear sound and solid build, makes the Squeeze Box a worthwhile investment for gigging musicians and engineers alike."

Gavin Skal - SonicScoop