Sontronics Chimera & SP24 PSU - Used - Good Condition
Sontronics Chimera & SP24 PSU - Used - Good Condition
Sontronics Chimera & SP24 PSU - Used - Good Condition

Sontronics Chimera & SP24 PSU - Used - Good Condition

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Sontronics CHIMERA Hybrid Preamp - Our amazing new CHIMERA is a single-channel preamp/DI with two totally discrete circuits: at the flick of a switch, you can choose between the crystal-clear, lightning-quick transient character of the solid-state amplifier or the silky-smooth, naturally-compressed tones served up by the ElectroHarmonix® ECC82 valve preamp. Each vintage circuit design is totally unique to Sontronics, employing the highest quality traditional components and transformers.

With a near-linear frequency response from 20Hz to 20kHz, and an almost non-existent self noise figure, CHIMERA sets the standard for quality. The transformer-balanced inputs will match seamlessly with your favourite mics and instruments while the electronically-balanced outputs ensure that your signal reaches your recording or PA system with perfect integrity. CHIMERA offers the kind of sonic excellence and engineering quality you'd find in a premium-branded preamp, but comes at a much more affordable price point.

With more than 60dB of distortion-free headroom at your disposal, in both solid state and tube modes, anything from the most delicate whisper to pure thunder is able to be reproduced with perfect integrity! Further fine adjustments can be made using the 6-step high-pass filter, -20dB attenuation and phase controls, enabling CHIMERA to create a kaleidoscope of sonic colourations.

A traditional backlit VU meter can be switched to show either input or output levels and a multi-step, notched Master Output control provides extremely fine adjustment, allowing you to dial-in the perfect level for your signal. An insert point is provided on the rear panel should you wish to connect your favourite dynamics processor.

An external mains power supply ensures that the integrity of your audio signal stays free from electrical inductance, plus it is voltage-switchable for use around the world.

CHIMERA is 100% made in Europe, having been conceived and designed in the UK, and developed and manufactured in Portugal.

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