Speck Electronics Model Lilo Mixer v2 16 Channels


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What makes the LiLo so practical is the fact that it was designed to work with the equipment you already have, rather than against. This is a 16/32 channel line mixer -- no mic pres, no EQ, no compressors. Each of the 16 input channels actually accommodates TWO independent, simultaneous inputs (an A input and a B input)... and you can monitor both sections at the same time giving you the ability to monitor 32 inputs on a 16 channel frame desk.

Version 2 includes a couple new features including:

  • A direct out Post/Pre select switch. The “Pre” position is user configurable to select four possible signal sources; Pre Fader, Pre Insert jack, Line-B input, or Aux 4 send.
  • A second pan pot for the subgroups. The new subgroup section adds the extra flexibility to mix 32 line signals simultaneously with only 16 input channels.
  • Aux sends now have select switches that can split the aux sends between the Line-A or Line-B inputs further enhancing the routing flexibility for the dual signal path input channels. The aux sends also have a user configuration switch that changes the auxes from “pre fader” to “pre insert”.
An easy Input Select switch allows you to toggle between the two input signals for monitoring, routing and level changes. It's flexible modular design allows you to run all your mic pres, EQ's etc through the first 16 inputs (the A inputs) and 16 channels of DA output through the second 16 set of 16 inputs (the B inputs). That's just one example, once we've had some play time with it we'll post some useful routing ideas for common DAW studio setups.

One glance at the LiLo and you will realize that you are not looking at a conventional mixer. The first thing you will notice is the minimalist layout of the LiLo. This unpretentious design lacks mic preamps, equalizers, and is in short supply of knobs and switches. In their place, we bring you a well-designed 16 or 32 channel mixer with unmatched signal routing, generous amounts of headroom, and a transparent signal path.

  • Fully modular construction
  • 16/32 input + stereo mix + 2 group busses
  • Transformer balanced mix outputs(Transformer balanced Group outputs optional)
  • 16 input frame
  • Two line inputs per channel
  • Four Aux sends and two stereo aux returns
  • Compact frame - 29" wide x 25" deep (16 frame version)
  • All balanced inputs, outputs, and inserts
  • Input channels have configuration switches under panel for user customization
  • Direct out Pre/Post switch, with 4 possible "Pre" settings.
  • Second pan pot for subgroups
  • Aux sends can be set to either pre-fader or pre-insert
  • +28dBu maximum level for inputs and outputs
  • SiFam Analog VU Meters
  • Dimensions: H x W x D: 7" x 28.6" x 24.6" (178mm x 698mm x 622mm)

Line Inputs > Each input channel has a selector for two line inputs, balanced inserts, 100mm slider, pan, L-R assign and group assigns, 4 aux sends, mute, and in-place solo.

Master Section > With a 100mm stereo slider, control room monitor, group masters, 2 track return, and two aux returns. A DAW return allows a work station to be monitored at the LiLo mixer.