Summit Audio Everest ECS-410 Ultimate Channel Strip

Summit Audio Everest ECS-410 Ultimate Channel Strip

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The Summit Audio Everest ECS 410 is a unique embodiment of the ubiquitous channel strip, combining the exemplary audio performance of its four sections with push-button configurability. Unique drive circuitry can add saturation from solid-state or valve gain stages to add warmth and harmonic complexity to the final output. Expensive to buy, but low cost for the sound that it delivers. If the Everest's level of performance is within budget, then auditioning it is a must.

Mz-2 Mic & Inst. Preamp

The Mz-2 is a spectacular sounding microphone and instrument preamplifier with the ability to switch between tube and solid-state input stages.

DC-1 Dual Mode Dynamics

The Dc-1 module is an ultra low noise dynamics control section with switchable Classic “soft knee” smooth compression or Tight mode, which provides a much higher compression ratio.

Fe-1 Passive EQ

The Fe-1 Passive Equalizer offers up three bands of smooth Summit passive tube EQ with fixed frequency select knobs with six settings each.

Db2 Drive Bus/Output

The Db2 Drive Bus has multiple gain stages for overdriving in either vacuum tube or discrete transistor mode, allowing for all sorts of tonal variation from ultra clean to overdrive.

All for one, one for all

Everest is a state of the art channel strip comprised of four completely independent modules, each with its own fully balanced input and output, and the ability to effortlessly route and reroute each module internally entirely in the analog domain.

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