Thermionic Culture HG15 - Valve MicPre & VariMu Compressor


The release of Vic Keary's latest studio invention will add colour and substance to the front end of your signal chain. We recommend you give the HG15 a twirl - use it in earnest on one of your own sessions -

The Phoenix HG 15 boasts a few new innovations over its predecessor. It utilises a 6AQ8EH input valve, which provides users with higher gain and tighter compression with low noise. The gain has been beefed up from 28dB to 53dB so making the unit suitable for most commonly-used condenser microphones. It also features some basic EQ – Bass Cut, Presence and Air – which makes the new product, as Vic Keary explains, “a channel strip in a sort of unconventional way... but then Thermionic Culture is unconventional!” Whilst the side-chain is solid-state, it is only DC so no audio runs through it whatsoever. Switchable 48V phantom power is available with Sowter transformer balanced ins and outs.