TK Audio DP1 MK3 Twin Mic Pre-amp


The DP-1 is a dual channel preamp based on a unique hybrid design including both vintage and modern circuits. Germanium and silicon transistors, along with integrated circuits, make the sound character expand over several decades. The midrange crunch of the germanium sound of the mid 60's, the low mid punch and thick sound associated with British class-A from the early 70's and the modern tone from the 80's and 90's; all in the same box. 

The input-stage is built around a high quality Swedish Lundahl transformer and an IC that operates in class-A. The preamp section is followed by a germanium unity-gain stage for coloration. Finally the DP-1 has two different output stages, an electronically balanced output stage or a discrete transformer-balanced class-A stage, built around a heavy Carnhill output transformer. The vintage class-A mode produces a fat and punchy sound with mid range character and a warm top-end; the germanium mode adds even more harmonics to the sound. The IC-based output stage is less colored and perfect for clean amplification. 
With up to 80 dB gain the DP-1 can handle quiet sound sources like ribbon microphones. High impedance inputs are positioned on the front for easy access when connecting guitar, bass or synthesizers. It's also possible to crank up the input gain really loud and run a hot signal through the preamp to make it distort, and then use the output volume control to lower the output gain. DP-1 offers a unique set of flavors at a very sensible price. 
DP1 now has an updated electronically balanced output stage. Lower distortion and  a better low-end. (2010-08-16)



Key Features:

● Unique hybrid design offering plenty of flavor            
● Up to 80 dB gain available
● Vintage class-A mode selectable                              
● Germanium drive available
● Lundahl input transformers                                        
● Carnhill output transformers
● Hi-Z inputs on the front                                            
● Sensibly priced




Hi-Z input, instrument input with more than 1Mohm input impedance.
Impedance switch, 1200ohm / 300ohm.
48v phantom power.
Stepped gainswitch in 5dB steps, inputrange +5dB to -50dB. -30 to -80dB with +30dB boost.
+30dB gainboost switch.
Germanium drive, inserts a germanium unity-gainstage after the inputstage.
Output levelcontrol.
Phase-reverse switch.
Vintage transformerbalanced class-A or a electronic balanced outputstage.
Input impedance: 1.600ohm / 400ohm.
Max output: +26dB @ 600ohms load.
All switches are illuminated.
Internal, regulated powersupply with a toroidal transformer. 230v. Main voltage is selectable between 115v / 230v.