TK Audio TC1 - Active DI and ReAmping Tool


TK Audio's TC1 500 series active DI gives you all the tools you need for balancing and unbalancing signals, adding gain, and reamping. Use it in the studio for direct recording and reamping. If you've got a collection of vintage outboard processing gear, the TC1's 26dB of output gain will come in handy. Put it to work during live performances to use balanced-input gear between your guitar and your amp. And thanks to a transformerless design, your signal stays pure from output to input.



TK Audio TC1 500 Series Active DI Features:
  • Active DI converts balanced and unbalanced signals again
  • Conveniently inserts your balanced gear into your DAW
  • Up to 26dB of gain you can plug into your favorite vintage gear
  • Perfect for studio re-amping
  • Incorporate it into your live rig for flexibility
  • Transformerless design doesn't color your sound