Warm Audio Pultec EQPWA

Warm Audio Pultec EQPWA

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TUBE EQ! So here it is. It is a Pultec EQP-1A style EQ, with high voltage tube makeup gain just like the original! It utilizes CineMag input and output transformers, a CineMag inductor, Tung Sol high-end tubes out of the box (12AX7 and 12AU7).

Be amazed at how usical this thing sounds, it pulls detail/frequencies from a source signal so smoothly, it makes everything come alive. Pair 2 of them for mastering and mixes sound like they're being transferred from digital to vinyl, but without losing detail. The frequency response is stellar 20hz-50khz.

Compared to the original Warm Audio haveadded a few frequency points. The 200, 400, 800 Hz are really cool low mid options that weren't available on the original. 3 and 4 Khz cut options were added too.

On a lot of EQ's there is are LOW, MID and HIGH frequency controls, on the EQP1A there is just low and high but the mids are affected by how much you play with the low and high, because the mids stay constant. For example if you boost LOW and high, you in a sense are cutting mid frequencies because the bass and treble will be louder than the mids. Or vice versa, if you lower the gain of the bass and treble the mids will be louder than the bass and treble and in a sense would be a " mid boost" affect.

Part of what makes the controls confusing is that there is both a BOOST and CUT knob for the low and high frequencies, instead of one knob that does both (boost/cut). The original pultec manual tells you not to use both boost/cut at the same time but using both at the same time has become an engineering trick over the years and it will create a neat phase shift affect.

It's definitely a device that is quickly figured out and after only a few minutes of running audio through it I found it super easy to quickly find cool frequency points to push or cut away to adjust the character of the recording.

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