Grace Design M905


The Grace Design M905 is their second generation stereo monitor controller, designed and engineered from the ground up providing unrivaled audio playback performance with a comprehensive and intuitive feature set.

With all requisite professional audio inputs and outputs, both analog and digital, an asynchronous USB input for jitter free 24/192 computer playback. Outputs include 3 stereo speaker sets, two subwoofer, and our reference headphone amplifier.

The remote is powerful, clean and ergonomic. It includes a headphone output, talkback microphone, and dedicated real time SPL meter. Controls are designed so that anyone unfamiliar with the system can operate it immediately and intuitively, then with a minimal time investment advanced setup and calibration features are accessed and programmed with ease.

The m905 offers more monitoring management features than any current monitor controller.
It is as the most sonically reliable and innate centerpiece available for your studio
homebase for your ears, eyes and hands.

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