Privacy – GDPR – Our pledge To You

ASAP Europe regards safeguarding your privacy and personal data as being of paramount importance.

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness is deemed essential by ASAP Europe, and we’ve taken a series of steps to strengthen and enhance our privacy practices, for our European Union clients.
  • We are committed to providing customers with products and services that are ready to be used in accordance with GDPR, and we are dedicated to transparency every step of the way.
  • Privacy is a fundamental human right and protecting personal data—whether our own or our customers’, is part of our commitment to you.

    ASAP Europe – Privacy Policy

    Your Personal Data – How We Use It

    Your data is stored securely at ASAP Europe on a firewall/password protected database.
    The database is also stored on a Symantec Norton cloud facility. Symantec is fully GDPR compliant.
    Any information stored physically is kept in a secure office. The office is fitted with a Secom alarm system with ‘direct to controller/police’ facility. Physical data is securely destroyed on an annual basis.

    We supply your address and contact details to our couriers as and when required to facilitate shipments and collections, in other words, to expedite orders, returns and repairs as and when. Our couriers are also fully GDPR compliant.
    On occasions, we are asked to supply goods or repaired products directly to you from our suppliers and service agents, in such circumstances, we will notify such third parties of your address and contact details to expedite logistics

    Shopify, a fully GDPR compliant web organisation hosts the ASAP Europe website. If you order goods directly from the you will supply Shopify with the necessary details to complete payment and facilitate accurate shipping requirements. A copy of Shopify’s GDPR whitepaper is available on request.

    Mail Chimp is a facility used by ASAP Europe to process our news and information emails for you the customer. Mail Chimp is fully compliant GDPR. Every email offers an unsubscribe option. We are currently using Mail Chimp as our preferred provider to offer you the opportunity to OPT IN for future news and offers from ASAP Europe.  

    ASAP Europe will never supply your personal data to any party for any purpose other than to facilitate the logistics of sales and repairs and to offer information regarding our goods and services.

    Your Personal Data – What We Store

    We will hold your name, address and/or a third party address you supply us with to expedite sales transactions and delivery/ repair requirements. You always maintain the right to request the removal of your details from the ASAP Europe data base.