Adam Crowe's Funky Junk Best Microphone Review.

Thanks to Adam Crowe from Funky Junk - his award winning worst microphone review ...

This analog microphone is one modern vintage classic that’s ahead of its time! Hand-wired by precision automation, most of the early quality-control issues seem to have been overcome at the factory. The construction is familiar and sturdy and similar to many modern Chinese mics. But its the crafted wooden case that really puts this microphone into the boutique category. And talk about vintage mojo – close your eyes and you’ll swear you are tracking through a blackface Adat. 

Additionally, this is also an excellent live mic. The hyped upper-mids absolutely rip and will satisfy the ears of even the most veteran soundman. A natural for talk-back or podcasting, this mic has also become my go-to workhorse on the studio floor when nothing else is available. 

Transients are sharp and present, low boomy sounds are accurately rendered, while the noise floor is easily tamed by reducing gain. I did find sibilance to be a constant problem on vocals, although that was quickly solved with some generous de-essing followed by tight eq to avoid making the singer lisp. I also tried a radical cut in the 2-20khz range and just loved the way it warmed up the sound. Very useful for keeping a track unobtrusively unnoticeable in the mix.

Verdict: While sounding inexpensive out-of-the-box, this mic really shines when put back in-the-box. It is sure to earn a permanent place in your mic closet. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 thumbs up.