Aml 54F50 In Action November 14 2013

The Audio Maintenance 54F50 is a compressor limiter designed for the API 500 series format. 
The 54F50 is a Class A, compressor and limiter module which occupies three slots in a 500 series rack. Fully populated with Carnhill transformers to achieve its distinctive classic sound. Offering the sonic characteristics of the famous Neve 2254, this high-end hand-built British module provides an affordable solution for the modern cost conscious studio.

Retrospec - when the future finally catches up with the past. October 23 2013

Grace Design and the Colorado disaster September 18 2013

It may seem slightly perverse to single out any one party when a natural disaster on the magnitude of the current flooding in Colorado hits a community. Sadly so much of the stuff hits the fan all over the planet these days that it somtimes takes a close link to one of the suffering parties to bring home the measure of how life changing these moments can be.My thoughts are with all the people of the region but, if I may make a specific mention, I know for a fact life is on a particularly weird tangent for Grace Design of Lyons, Boulder county. These guys are a dynamic good bunch designing and building some extraordinarily high quality audio products.  Roads have been swept away, the factory is flooded and communication has been severely restricted since last Thursday. The water treatment plant has been overwhelmed and until now at any rate, transport has been pretty much restricted to helicopter. So if you think life ain't dealing up aces you could be right, but these scenes add some perspective.

Vintage versus New AML vs Neve September 16 2013

I came across this from the United States for just shy of £4000 including the import duty. This is a nice example of a Neve 

box but its just one mono channel. 

Or you can buy this brand new, made in the UK AML iteration of the art with full warranty in STEREO and keep a chunk of change. 

Give us a ring and talk' talk'. 

500 series - ASAP Europe style August 29 2013

The best of the 500 series modules and racks - ASAP Europe style ...

- available to demo - in your studio 
- select specific modules you need to hear
- ASAP will suggest a few extras to check out - if you want.
- the rack will be delivered to your studiio for an agreed demo period
- should you decide to buy we will offer superb bundled deals
- so having tried and demo'd with no obligation to purchase, you then get a great deal on your chosen set up

We think analogue hardware is here to stay. The quality and variety of 500 series gear is growing every day.


Here are a few of the players:

A Designs - Aphex - Audio Maintenance Ltd - API - Burl - Buzz Audio - Chandler Ltd - Cartec - Daking - Drawmer - Elysia - Empirical Labs - Focusrite - Grace Design - Great River - Inward Connections - Kush Audio - Lindell - Little Labs - Millenia - Moog - Neve - Pendulum - Phoenix Audio - Purple Audio -Radial Engineering - Rupert Neve Designs - Speck Electronics - SSL - Tonelux - Vintech
Here are a few of the things they do:

Amplify - Compress - De-Ess - Delay - DI - EQ - Filter - Gate - Limit - Modulate - Phase - Re-Amp - Re-Route - Submix - Sum

Acquiring a 500 series rack system for your recording set-up has never been easier to choose.
The advantages of the 500 route:

Great tonal quality - sound better than plug-ins
Will not become obsolete - plug-ins do become obsolete
Huge variety and fascinating design features
Compact and affordable
Grow your rack, start off with the basics and build from there
ASAP Europe will offer a trade-in guarantee within 12 months on all purchases



Taming a Volcano in a workspace August 22 2013

ASAP Europe has been asked to supply  Primacoustic sound treatment materials to Volcanic a coffee processing company based in a Workspace development in south London.

Grinding coffee is not a quiet procedure at the best of times but processing tonnes of the stuff in a large concrete work unit is the stuff of vast decibels.

It's not everyday that we doff our caps to our industrial landlords but hats off to Workspace for appreciating and implementing a creative and practical solution with Primacoustic.


The Big Mic..

What can we say, for pristine tube bluesy the H1000 has the vocal killer difference at the right price point...

Paired with the New MP1-A its shaping up to be another great year for the guys with the gear at Charter Oak... 

We just love this stuff, Ivy League recording...

Harvard here we come. 




Audio Maintenance Ltd or AML, as they are known, build excellent solid UK designed and built outboard re-jigged for the top-end 500 series user.

Models include:

The 2254 style compressor limiter the 54F50

The Carnhill Class A MicPre/EQ

The Carnhill ‘Gold’ Gold MicPre


ASAP Europe stock all these modules and the customised ‘Lunchbox’ for 2 x 54F50.




Demos can be arranged.

Green Acoustics @ May 03 2013

Green Acoustics combine sound absorption with exquisitely hand-made studio furniture. Highly efficient, minimal quantities of acoustic elements treat rooms of all sizes, avoiding the padded-cell effect of inefficient alternatives.

The four elements which make up the Green Acoustic range were tested to DIN standard in acoustic laboratories at the Technical University of Berlin.


BB-Demitter - mid-frequency absorber. Cloth panel with wood frame. (Absorption characteristics: 130-250Hz.) - 


BB-Standard - ideal solution for primary reflections. Cloth panel with wooden frame. (Absorption characteristics: down to aprox. 200Hz)


BB-Bass - low frequency absorber. Cloth panel with wooden frame. (Absorption characteristics: 80Hz) 


BB-EASY - an extremely light and easy to use broadband absorber.  White cloth panel. (Absorption characteristics: down to aprox. 200Hz)


Each element comes in a set of two panels.



RADial 500 series Home May 03 2013

Radial Workhorse Cube

Free with any 3 piece 500 series order of £1,500+. Participating 500 modules are Grace Design, Phoenix Audio & Radial.

Grace Design M501 Mic PreAmp

M502 Opto Compressor

Phoenix Audio DRS1R 500 Mic PreAmp

Phoenix Audio DRS EQ 500

Radial Power Pre

Radial Komit Compressor

Radial Q4 Coil EQ


Analog Summing; 16 in and 2 Out May 03 2013

We just love this combination the flexibility of matching digital workflow clarity and the warmth of analog summing. 

With special deals available call us to talk about the possibilities. 

This is a good D Sub Option too, if you don't need the 8 Pre-Amps that come with the Orpheus. 


8 Channel Pre-Amp Heaven April 18 2013

8 channel microphone pre-amps are few and far between at the cutting edge of the recording market 

ASAP Europe make 3 available for demonstration. 

The Grace Design M802 complete with AES Card and Remote Control 

The Phoenix Audio DRS8 mk2

The Focusrite ISA828

Choose from the precision designed Grace M802 offering extended remote recording facilities or the funky rock and roll sound of the Phoenix DRS8 mk2 or the headroom and classic simplicity of the Focusrite 828. 

 Call to discuss a demo that works for you.

New Shure! March 13 2013

Just signing up a new deal with Shure for some of their top end studio mics including the dual ribbon KSM313 - always wanted to have one of these around..we will also always have the standard 57, 58 and beta versions in stock ..


Until the 31'st of March we can offer up to $967 dollars worth of significant UAD plug-ins with every Apollo sold.

To celebrate this we are bundling this together with a Dangerous D Box which is a summing amp and extensive monitor controller.

This paired up with an Imac represents an unprecedented opportunity to enter into the world  of serious production.

8 Channels of pristine A/D, digital mixer section, real-time tracking with plugs, digital NEVE console emulation, digital STUDER tape emulation and LEXICON 224 REVERB. Then tracking back into the APOLLO summed in the analogue domain. 

What a vibe!

Because you can't mix what you can't hear.

Discover what the platinum hit makers already know...

"If the Monitoring and Mix Buss don't deliver, neither will the song."

  • 8 Channels of Unmatched Analog Summing
  • Transparent Monitoring
  • 20 Watts per Channel of Headphone Amplification
  • Speaker Selection
  • Talkback
  • Reference D/A Conversion
  • 2 Switchable Digital Inputs


Put your recording interface’s D/A converters to work and distribute the load across 8 outputs instead of 2. Mix in stems (like having 4 master faders instead of 1.) Let the D-Box take the heat and rediscover your tracks:

  • Massive Punch and Detail
  • Imaging You Can Grab
  • Incredible Headroom
  • Effortless Ouboard Gear Integration
  • Expand Your Summing Path with 2-Bus or 2-Bus LT


-Hear the difference when angling the mic a half inch upward for more head voice or down for more body

-Feel the punch when carving out a 50Hz or 60Hz pocket in the bass track to make room for the kick

-Close your eyes and step into the space around the voice and instruments

Combine the D-Box with your 8 channel interface and discover...


PMC twotwo Series Just added January 17 2013

The TwoTwo range launched at IBC Holland and AES California to fantastic critical acclaim. A range of fully active loudspeakers c/w the latest in digital technology, PMC designed DSP. Analog balanced, Digital balanced inputs, user equaliser controls.


Many top end producers and mixing engineers have placed orders as their personal nearfields. Spike Stent has bought 2 prs, 1pr for his studio in the US and 1pr for the UK Studio.


Adam Crowe's Funky Junk Best Microphone Review. October 31 2012

Thanks to Adam Crowe from Funky Junk - his award winning worst microphone review ...

This analog microphone is one modern vintage classic that’s ahead of its time! Hand-wired by precision automation, most of the early quality-control issues seem to have been overcome at the factory. The construction is familiar and sturdy and similar to many modern Chinese mics. But its the crafted wooden case that really puts this microphone into the boutique category. And talk about vintage mojo – close your eyes and you’ll swear you are tracking through a blackface Adat. 

Additionally, this is also an excellent live mic. The hyped upper-mids absolutely rip and will satisfy the ears of even the most veteran soundman. A natural for talk-back or podcasting, this mic has also become my go-to workhorse on the studio floor when nothing else is available. 

Transients are sharp and present, low boomy sounds are accurately rendered, while the noise floor is easily tamed by reducing gain. I did find sibilance to be a constant problem on vocals, although that was quickly solved with some generous de-essing followed by tight eq to avoid making the singer lisp. I also tried a radical cut in the 2-20khz range and just loved the way it warmed up the sound. Very useful for keeping a track unobtrusively unnoticeable in the mix.

Verdict: While sounding inexpensive out-of-the-box, this mic really shines when put back in-the-box. It is sure to earn a permanent place in your mic closet. 

Rating: 4 out of 5 thumbs up.

Grace Design M905 Stereo Monitor Controller October 31 2012

Hot off the press, those stunningly professional Colorado folks Grace Design have just rocked up with the brand new M905 Stereo Monitor Controller. If you have come into contact with GD's equipment you'll appreciate the precision engineeri

ng - this will be a serious addition to many professional audio environments.
The M905 has been engineered from the ground up to provide unrivaled audio performance, with a powerful, comprehensive, and intuitive feature set. The main audio and power supply circuitry is housed in a 2U rack mount mainframe, while system control is managed by a sleek new ergonomic desktop remote control unit (RCU). The RCU is a combination of dedicated hardware and a color, graphical LCD. The primary monitoring features are accessed via hardware switches and a rotary encoder. All system information is presented on the LCD and illuminated switches. This hybrid design provides the solid feel and function of traditional hardware, with the added power and flexibility of a graphical user interface. 

Grace Design Appoints ASAP Europe for UK Distribution September 02 2012

Grace Design in Boulder, Colo., has appointed London-based ASAP Europe as its new distribution partner for the UK. ASAP Europe, founded in 1996, is a leading supplier of professional audio products and services for UK customers in the music recording, broadcast, and hi-fi markets.

In addition to representing some of the finest pro-audio products from around the world, the company prides itself on providing its customers with informed, unbiased advice, and exceptional customer support.

Commenting on the newly established relationship with Grace Design, Alan Stewart, owner of ASAP, notes, “It is with genuine pride and excitement that ASAP will be representing the Grace Design range of products here in the UK. Grace provides a wide array of product offerings that will appeal to a diverse number of our customers. Working in tandem with a company so fully focused on the development, manufacture and support of excellent products is a truly inspiring thing.”

Grace Design VP of sales and marketing, Doug Wood, adds, “We feel very fortunate that Alan has agreed to represent our company and products in the UK. His commitment and passion for providing the best product solutions to his customers, coupled with a high level of customer support, is lock-step with the way we run our business. We're excited to have such a strong distribution partner in the UK, and we look forward to a long lasting relationship with Alan and ASAP Europe.”

For more information, visit