Until the 31'st of March we can offer up to $967 dollars worth of significant UAD plug-ins with every Apollo sold.


To celebrate this we are bundling this together with a Dangerous D Box which is a summing amp and extensive monitor controller.

This paired up with an Imac represents an unprecedented opportunity to enter into the world  of serious production.

8 Channels of pristine A/D, digital mixer section, real-time tracking with plugs, digital NEVE console emulation, digital STUDER tape emulation and LEXICON 224 REVERB. Then tracking back into the APOLLO summed in the analogue domain. 

What a vibe!

Because you can't mix what you can't hear.

Discover what the platinum hit makers already know...

"If the Monitoring and Mix Buss don't deliver, neither will the song."

  • 8 Channels of Unmatched Analog Summing
  • Transparent Monitoring
  • 20 Watts per Channel of Headphone Amplification
  • Speaker Selection
  • Talkback
  • Reference D/A Conversion
  • 2 Switchable Digital Inputs


Put your recording interface’s D/A converters to work and distribute the load across 8 outputs instead of 2. Mix in stems (like having 4 master faders instead of 1.) Let the D-Box take the heat and rediscover your tracks:

  • Massive Punch and Detail
  • Imaging You Can Grab
  • Incredible Headroom
  • Effortless Ouboard Gear Integration
  • Expand Your Summing Path with 2-Bus or 2-Bus LT


-Hear the difference when angling the mic a half inch upward for more head voice or down for more body

-Feel the punch when carving out a 50Hz or 60Hz pocket in the bass track to make room for the kick

-Close your eyes and step into the space around the voice and instruments

Combine the D-Box with your 8 channel interface and discover...