Retrospec - when the future finally catches up with the past.

Retrospec is a US based company specialising in manufacturing two of the very best tube based boxes in the pro audio market.
The  Juice Box DI and the Squeeze Box 'Teletronix-esque' tube compressor stomp box are back in production after a gap of 14 years.
Good luck determined that I should bump into Ken McKim at the recent AES NYC show. We agreed that ASAP Europe would  look after Retrospec's sales interests in the UK. If you haven't had the pleasure of working with the Juice Box or the Squeeze Box I highly recommend you ask for a demo soon. The Juice Box is a super flexible transformerless tube DI and the Squeeze Box is an absolute valve compressor  funk machine in the Teletronix mould. Both should be available in the UK before the end of the year.