Grace Design and the Colorado disaster

It may seem slightly perverse to single out any one party when a natural disaster on the magnitude of the current flooding in Colorado hits a community. Sadly so much of the stuff hits the fan all over the planet these days that it somtimes takes a close link to one of the suffering parties to bring home the measure of how life changing these moments can be.My thoughts are with all the people of the region but, if I may make a specific mention, I know for a fact life is on a particularly weird tangent for Grace Design of Lyons, Boulder county. These guys are a dynamic good bunch designing and building some extraordinarily high quality audio products.  Roads have been swept away, the factory is flooded and communication has been severely restricted since last Thursday. The water treatment plant has been overwhelmed and until now at any rate, transport has been pretty much restricted to helicopter. So if you think life ain't dealing up aces you could be right, but these scenes add some perspective.