API 2500+ Analogue Compressor
API 2500+ Analogue Compressor

API 2500+ Analogue Compressor

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“The API 2500+ is the epitome of my very favourite kind of bus compressor: one that adds deliberate sonic character & personality in its own uniquely distinct way. The variations of punch & presence from the Thrust detector, the noticeable differences in knee selections and the feed-back/feed-forward compression styles all offer a very broad palette of subtle & drastic colours to add to your canvas. With the rich sounding 2520 op amps plus the new mix/blend circuit superb for parallel compression use, the 2500+ has become an essential part of the way I make records. Vital!”

— Julian Kindred, Producer/Engineer, London, England
(Ellie Goulding, Nao, Aimee Mann, Hammock, Max Cooper)

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