Buzz Audio ELIXIR

Buzz Audio ELIXIR

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The Buzz Audio Elixir preamplifier module is an excellent compliment to the "fatter" sound of many modules now available in theAPI* 500VPR Series format and has been designed to provide exceptionally low noise wide bandwidth amplification of microphone and instrument signals. The elixir will suit those who desire a recording preamplifier where just a slight amount of bass colour is added to the original signal whilst retaining full treble extension and a smooth midrange - warm, sweet, liquid - the perfect blend. 

The elixir circuit design is roughly based on the now famous Buzz Audio MA-2.2 mic preamp and utilises two BE40 True Class A amplifiers in a transformeless input arrangement. Following this is the output stage comprising of two newly designed BE50 True Class A high current audio buffers that drive a Lundahl LL1517 output transformer. 

As can be seen from the distortion specifications, the presence of the Lundahl output transformer adds a subtle amount of harmonic at low frequencies thereby enhancing the bottom end but without sacrificing the wide bandwith needed for good clarity and transient response in the top end. 

The output configuration of the elixir results in a maximum output level of +34dBu before clipping, which means it can comfortably deliver clean audio into all analogue or digital recorders without overload. 

Gain range of the microphone input is 22dB to 70dB or -2dB to 50dB with the -20dB pad selected. More than enough for ribbon microphones. The input impedance (selected with the IN Z switch) is 4000 ohms in the position or 1200 ohms in the position.

The instrument input on the elixir features a "bootstrapped FET" high to low impedance converter that then feeds the elixir amplifier stages. Selection of the instrument input is automatic when a jack is inserted on the front panel input. 

Gain range of the instrument input is 10db less than the mic input at 12dB to 60dB. The input impedance is switchable 1,000,000 ohms or 20,000 ohms with the IN Z switch. 

Each elixir module takes up 1 rack space and draws 150mA +/- 15-18 volts DC, as supplied by frame power supply in which it is fitted. This is generally higher than most modules available from API* and other manufacturers. At this time, it is recommended that only two modules are fitted into the API* Lunchbox frame along with other modules. The API* V500 rack with LP200 external supply will easily power 10 modules. The older API* 10 space rack with internal power supply is not suitable for the elixirmodules.

The OSA Trackpack and Powerack with the large external supply will easily power a full fit out of elixir modules. Power supply compatibility with other frame manufacturers is not fully known at this time. We will update this information once further testing has been conducted.

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