Buzz Audio SOC-20 Optical Compressor

Buzz Audio SOC-20 Optical Compressor

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In response to demand from our users, we introduce the Series 20 Stereo Optical Compressor - a fully discrete, Class A, transformer coupled version of the well known SOC-1.1 audio compressor. In addition to the excellent compression characteristics developed for the SOC-1.1, the Series 20 version includes additional features suggested by our users. The use of discrete electronics and audio transformers in the audio path adds a little more character to the original SOC sound, and the extra features make the SOC-20 an excellent choice for stereo mix processing.

The design of the SOC-20 includes the unique Differential Drive Side Chain topology found in the SOC-1.1, This system ensures the compressor will never over compress and dig holes in your audio. The benefits of the DDSC have been well documented in our SOC-1.1user comments - smooth and effortless analog compression is available at your finger tips.

So what's actually new in the SOC-20? Well, we have added a side chain insert point to enable you to apply equalization and change how the compressor acts on a frequency basis. For example, cutting low and high frequencies in the side chain so only the vocal range is compressed on a stereo mix. A side chain monitor function allows you to hear what you are doing to the side chain signal. We have also included a set high pass filter in the side chain which reduces the compressor sensitivity at frequencies below 150Hz.

Perhaps the most important SOC-20 feature is the stereo Mid/Side processing mode. At the flick of a switch a discrete Class A sum and difference circuit is enabled so that Channel A now processes the L+R (sum) signal and Channel B the L-R (difference) signal of your stereo mix. This function, along with the side chain insert point, opens up whole new ways to easily manipulate your mixes and achieve the sound you desire.

      Toasty Class A discrete signal path with flashy Lundahl output transformers.
      On board Mid Side processor.
      Side chain insert point on balanced XLR's.
      Built in side chain high pass filter.
      Fast attack optical compressor.


      Music recording and mixing
      Post production studios
      Voice overs and dialog
      Classical and acoustic music styles
      Live sound

Maximum Input Level Line = +32dBu
Maximum Output Level Line 
= +27dBu
Maximum Input/Output Level S/C Insert 
= +22dBu

Noise = -95dBu Stereo Mode, -90dBu M/S Mode 
(measured with no make up gain and A Weighted).

Gain = variable 0dB to +15dB

Frequency Response
3Hz to 120kHz measured with +10dB gain and no gain reduction.

Harmonic Distortion no gain reduction
0.08% @ 100Hz, 0.025% @ 1kHz, 0.02% @ 10kHz, 0.05% @ 100kHz

Harmonic Distortion with 20dB gain reduction (Attack AUTO, Release 16)
0.1% @ 100Hz, 0.06% @ 1kHz, 0.04% @ 10kHz

Harmonic Distortion with 20dB gain reduction (Attack AUTO, Release AUTO
2% @ 100Hz

Standard Operating Level = +4dBu = 0 VU meter display. 
Size = 2 Unit 19" rack mount, (482Wx88Hx250D).
Power requirements = 230V/115V selectable, IEC detachable power cable.

Specifications are typical of a production unit and are subject to change without notice. 
0dBu reference = 0.775 volts RMS.

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