Dangerous Music Cutter

Dangerous Music Cutter

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The Dangerous Music Cutter is a vinyl mastering transfer console based on their highly regarded master transfer console with an added stereo output to feed the preview computer and the cutting head simultaneously.

The Dangerous Music Cutter includes all the same pristine audio path that has made the Dangerous Music Master a centrepiece in many of the best mastering suite around the world. Designed by Chris Muth to meet the critical demands of mastering engineers cutting vinyls, the Cutter integrates in your setup perfectly for vinyl cutting facilities, providing transparent routing, and the ability to feed a lathe.

The Dangerous Cutter includes two Main stereo outputs (Main 1, Main 2) to feed the lathe, and a Monitor output to feed the monitoring chain. It also boasts two stereo inputs channels allowing you to monitor between two different audio sources and 3 insert points to integrate analogue processing. 

Main input includes independent left and right input controls offering a way to correct for stereo image issues before processing. An input monitor offset offers up to 8dB of monitor offset for matching the two different input sources.

A key ingredient to the Dangerous Master’s success was the S&M Width Control which uses a Mid/Side matrix to control the perceived stereo width. This is a powerful tool for mastering engineers that allows for the focus of the stereo image. A powerful feature that can tighten or widen the stereo field to create a coherent record

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