Neumann U67 Re-Issue
Neumann U67 Re-Issue
Neumann U67 Re-Issue

Neumann U67 Re-Issue

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With the re-issue of the classic Neumann U67, you can now add a little piece of history to your mic locker. The U67 reissue is a replica of the vintage models and features 100% historical accuracy - from sonic qualities to construction of the casing and power supply.

The reissue is, in fact, so historically accurate, that vintage components can be swapped into the casing or power supply without any issue. The microphone includes the legendary KK67 capsule and EF86 tube, with three selectable polar patterns including Cardioid, Omni and Bi-Directional.

The power supply has been slightly modified to meet EU regulations, other than that, the components and housing are to the vintage specs. The reissued power supply is fully compatible with vintage U67s or restored models.


  • U67 Microphone
  • Z 48 elastic suspension
  • NU 67 V power supply
  • UC 5 microphone cable
  • Vintage-style Neumann case

The Legend

The Neumann U67's origins begin in the late 50s, as the successor to Neumann's flagship microphone, the U47. The VF14 tube, which helped contribute to the U47 sound, was being withdrawn from production by Telefunken, necessitating the creation of a new microphone.

The U67 features a host of new technological advancements. Mylar was used for the capsule membrane, held in tension by a brass ring as opposed to glue; an internal cutoff filter and external pad switch helped counteract the proximity effect; a new dual-capsule created an accurate figure-of-eight pickup pattern; a smaller EF86 tube allowed for a slimmer body; and most importantly the overall shape of the microphone changed. The new iconic look featured a tapered head grille, and a tapered body shell. So unique was this mic design, that Neumann patented it.

Neumann originally named their new microphone the U60, after the year of its creation. This was later amended to the "U67", showing continuity with its parent microphone, the U47. By 1967, the predecessor was no longer manufactured, and the successor reigned supreme as the large diaphragm tube mic of choice for audio professionals worldwide; a condenser mic that can be used on almost any instrument or vocalist with outstanding results.

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