A Designs ATTY Stereo Attenuator


A-Designs Audio ATTY is a no-compromise, 100% passive, two- channel line-level attenuator offering transparent, unaffected sound quality. ATTY’s diminutive size (4-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 3”) makes it a highly versatile and convenient tool, suitable for use in a world-class studio. Or, it can be a cost-effective solution to the space-challenged bedroom studio needing high-quality monitor control (without the high price tag).   The A-Designs Audio ATTY is simplicity itself. Its passive design allows it to be placed in any signal path with ease. Housed in a rugged metal case, it has two Neutrik XLR/TRS (1/4”) combo jacks and two balanced XLR outputs for quiet, noise-free operation. Stereo Level control is provided by a single knob, which adds to ATTY’s ease-of-use resume. With a single knob twist, you can control stereo monitors, or the outputs of a dual-channel preamp while recording a loud sound source. And if you find yourself in a situation, studio or stage, where feedback or other nasty-big, speaking-thumping sounds take you by surprise, you find ATTY’s Mute/panic button a godsend.   Applications: The most obvious use of ATTY is for control of any line-level source ranging from powered monitors to CD players. It’s a particularly handy device when it comes to maintaining level control of powered monitors that have a separate volume control on each speaker, such as the ADAM A7. Once you calibrate your monitors to equal level, you need never touch them again. Let ATTY’s single stereo knob and extremely handy mute button take it from there.   But wait kids, there’s more! Let’s say you’re recording kick drum and snare with an API 3124. You’ve got the input gain set at the sweet spot, but due to the API’s hot output, you need level control to protect your converters from clipping. Plus, you don’t want to change sound quality by using its pads, or record with compression. A-Designs has one word for you: ATTY. And if you’re using the 3124 to record toms, two ATTYs will do it. (Or, you can check out A-Designs’ dual-stereo + dual mono ATTY’2D for more independent level control.)   As long as we’re on the topic of preamps, place an ATTY in back of one of A-Design’s Audio tube preamps, such as the MP- 2A, and explore different in/out level combinations without overloading other gear.   One last tip, but certainly not the limit of ATTY’s applications; you can also use it as a passive line level control for guitar and bass amp extension speakers.   After you’ve explored the many possibilities that the A-Designs Audio ATTY has to offer in both recording and live settings, feel free to pass along your tips to other ATTY users. And don’t forget to check out the rackmount version, ATTY’s big brother, the six channel A-Designs Audio ATTY2’D dual stereo/dual mono monitor controller/line level attenuator.  

100% passive line attenuator. Does not color or negatively affect sound quality. Convenient, one-knob stereo level control. Transparent, noise-free level control for any line-level source. Desktop powered monitor control. Super handy Mute/Panic button prevents speaker-damaging thumps or feedback. Prevent digital overs caused by high-output preamps. Control output levels while maintaining high-gain input signal. Compact size fits easily in small spaces. Two balanced Neutrik XLR/TRS combo jacks. Two balanced XLR outputs. Rugged metal casing. Dimensions (W/H/D): 4-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 3”. Weight: 0.7 lb