Apogee Symphony I/O Mk2 Connect 8x8MP Module

Apogee Symphony I/O Mk2 Connect 8x8MP Module

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The Apogee Symphony I/O mkII Connect 8x8MP Module is an 8×8 Analogue I/O + 8 Mic Pres + AES/Optical I/O Module for Symphony I/O mkII, representing a pinnacle of over three decades of Apogee's innovation in research, development, and design. This module is central to the Symphony I/O Mk II system, embodying Apogee's commitment to superior digital audio recording. It offers a comprehensive range of I/O and Mic Preamp options, allowing users to start with a robust base configuration and expand to meet the growing needs of their professional studio environments.

Revolutionary Converter and Mic Preamp Engineering

Driven by a relentless pursuit of excellence in converter and mic preamp design, Apogee engineers have transcended traditional boundaries. Their latest achievement with the Symphony I/O Mk II leverages cutting-edge electrical components and meticulously optimized circuitry, often outperforming the manufacturers' own expectations. This ethos, known as the Apogee Advantage, has culminated in a product that redefines audio clarity and sonic transparency, elevating it above all preceding Apogee products.

Cutting-Edge Stepped Gain Architecture in Mic Preamps

A distinctive feature of the Connect Series I/O modules, including the 8x8MP, is the Advanced Stepped Gain Architecture™ in the mic preamps. This architectural approach is unique to Apogee and sets a new standard in audio interface performance. The mic preamp circuit benefits from this architecture, which is dynamically optimized at various gain settings to ensure unparalleled bandwidth, extremely low noise, and negligible distortion across a broad gain range of 0-72 dB. This advanced design maintains optimal circuit performance in all scenarios, akin to a high-performance race car efficiently operating across various speeds. In contrast, other mic preamps, which often operate on a limited "two-gear" design, struggle to maintain quality at extreme gain levels.

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