DACS Headlite 2 - Balanced Model
DACS Headlite 2 - Balanced Model

DACS Headlite 2 - Balanced Model

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 The HeadLite 2 was officially launched at the 2007 AES Convention in New York. It is a 4 input, 4 output amplifier with input selection for each amplifier. Like its predecessor (the HeadLite), it offers the ability to drive any impedance of headphone to the headphone's maximum output level, if required, without distortion.

This upgraded version features new ICs that significantly improve the unit's overall performance, particularly into low impedance headphones. Input sensitivity is now set using two self cleaning push button switches on the rear panel, rather than the internal adjustment of the predecessor.

HeadLite 2 also features conductive plastic pots, an upgraded selector switch and a balanced input option using the THAT InGenius® IC.

The HeadLite2 is ideal for:

  • recording studios
  • radio stations
  • post production studios
  • theatres
  • listening areas in universities and colleges

The overall performance of the HeadLite2 has been improved, creating a unit that sounds even better than its predecessor, still delivering superb open bass and effortless, clear mid and top. It is easier to use and will maintain its performance level for many years to come.

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