DACS Headlite 3+
DACS Headlite 3+

DACS Headlite 3+

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Headphones are increasingly important for many aspects of audio production.
The quality of headphone design and manufacture is higher now than it has ever been, and new technologies are producing headphones requiring significantly more power than traditional designs.
Ensuring the very best performance from these headphones requires them to be driven by a dedicated headphone amplifier; +Power ensures that even these power-hungry beasts can be driven to their limit clearly and cleanly. ‘Making do’ with the headphone socket from the mix board or DAW doesn’t really ‘do’ at all.  Especially when there is more than one set of ears which need to listen in.

Clarity and Sound Quality

Whatever the headphone task the quality of the end-product begins with what the artist hears. Accurate, clear and detailed reproduction of the whole audible frequency range is essential; any shortcomings will inevitably affect both the overdub and the overview. HeadLite 3+ maintains the HeadLite series’ worldwide reputation for Clarity and detail.

Optimum Drive

The metering on the four busses that feed the amplifiers allows you to set the input levels to optimum, making sure the input to the amplifier gives the best output to headphones.


+Power is an analogue plug-in module that provides all the ultra-clean drive the most power-hungry headphones need. Fitted as standard in Channel 1, +Power can be added to the other channels either at the time of ordering or retrofitted later.

Power and drive

Amplifier power is not just about level (sound pressure level) it is about clean level (sonically pure level). A cheap headphone amplifier when pushed beyond its narrow limits can begin to distort before your headphones or your ears. This not only compromises the sound, but it can also damage your hearing. A headphone amp which has enough power should be `cruising’ for the whole of its useable range, the output signal always as clean as the technical specifications idicate it should be

The power of the output on the standard channels is more than sufficient to drive virtually any headphone of any impedance clean and loud. +Power provides drive to spare for taking low-impedance high-power headphones to the peak of their performance. It will also allow the driving of multiple higher impedance phones.

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