Earthworks Audio TC20

Earthworks Audio TC20

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 The TC series (Time Coherent) is designed for recording louder sources such as drums, percussion, amplified instruments and loud sound effects. Microphones in this series allow recording of louder acoustic sources without overloading the preamplifier. They effortlessly handle high sound pressure levels up to 150dB SPL while simultaneously capturing subtle details. The TC series provides all of the same attributes as the QTC series in impulse response, diaphragm settling time and extended frequency response. All models in the TC series have an exceptional flat frequency response and are time coherent, so they sound natural and uncolored. All models are available in matched pairs.

Omni - 9Hz to 30kHz. The TC30 (same as the TC30K) is our top of the line microphone for recording louder sources. With a high frequency response to 30kHz it captures minute details and is the choice of many professionals.

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