Focal Trio 6 ST6
Focal Trio 6 ST6

Focal Trio 6 ST6

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Announced on 13th September 2023 in Paris, Focal are proud to unveil the newest addition to their popular ST6 range of professional studio monitors. Sporting a meticulously crafted design and the incorporation of Focal’s most innovative and up-to-date technologies, the new Trio6 ST6is versatile audio tool made to satisfy the needs of modern producers and audio engineers alike.

The Beryllium Path

Trio6 ST6 build on the heritage of the popular Trio6 model from the ‘Be’ Beryllium range. The revamped edition aims to deliver even more detail, transparency and uncompromising performance.

The brand new Trio6 ST6 from Focal

The new driver array features an 8” patented W-Cone subwoofer, redesigned beryllium tweeter with infinite acoustic loading for additional resonance control, and a 5” mid-range woofer featuring Tuned Mass Damper technology.

TMD is a recent innovation from Focal that ably reduces distortion by an impressive 50%, specifically between the 1-3kHz frequencies.

Focal Trio6 ST6 woofer and midrange drivers

Optimised Vibration Control

Trio6 ST6’s large laminar port is designed to reduce port noise during operation. Thanks to its strengthened cabinet design, the speaker boasts improved rigidity and damping to control vibrations and significantly lessen distortion.

When the driver array and cabinet are combined, Trio6 ST6 delivers incredible dynamics, impactful bass and neutrality across the full sound spectrum, all with immaculately low distortion levels.

Presenting Dual Focus Mode

Focal’s hugely popular Focus Mode, found elsewhere in the ST6 range as well as in the historical SM9 studio main, allows users to quickly switch between full and reduced driver array configurations for comparative mixing. This helps ensure better results on the biggest possible range of listening systems in the wider world.

Focal Trio6 ST6 rear panel with dual focus mode

For maximum flexibility, Trio6 ST6 includes two Focus Mode settings to reduce the driver array to 2-way and 1-way at the press of a footswitch.

Trio6 ST6 features a variable high-pass crossover, plus a 160Hz parametric crossover to reduce reflections from the console or immediate vicinity.

Automatic stand-by mode is engaged as standard for maximum energy efficiency, but can be disengaged for users working on longer sessions with more silence breaks.

Focal's ST6 family including Trio6 ST6 and Sub 12

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