GENELEC 8340 APM - SAM STUDIO MONITOR SET PAIR- new unopened - cancelled order

GENELEC 8340 APM - SAM STUDIO MONITOR SET PAIR- new unopened - cancelled order

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The unvarnished truth

Top professionals the world over in recording studios, post-production houses, digital edit suites, radio, TV and outside broadcasting have come to rely on the unvarnished truth of the 8340A. Its wide and stable sweet spot promotes accurate, reliable mix decisions, and its bulletproof durability is essential for mission-critical applications.

Truly optimised monitoring

As a Smart Active Monitor, the 8340A integrates closely with our GLM software via which it can be configured and calibrated for your listening environment, compensating for detrimental room influences to create a truly optimised monitoring solution from mono to immersive. So if you need to work in challenging acoustic spaces, the 8340A is your powerful but clever monitoring companion.


SAM™ Studio Monitor

Technical Specifications

Elevate the accuracy of your audio monitoring to a new level with the precision and adaptability of the 8340A Smart Active Monitor.

Frequency Response

45 Hz - 20 kHz (± 1.5 dB)

Low cutoff -6dB
38 Hz

High cutoff -6dB
22 kHz


Peak SPL
≥118 dB

Maximum peak acoustic output per pair in a listening room with music material at 1 m.


Short term max SPL
≥110 dB

Maximum short term sine wave acoustic output on axis in half space, averaged from 100 Hz to 3 kHz at 1 m.


Long term max SPL
≥100 dB

Maximum long term RMS acoustic output in the same conditions with IEC weighted noise (limited by driver unit protection circuit) at 1 m.

8.4 kg (18.5 lb) PER UNIT

350 mm (13 25/32 in)

Height with Iso-Pod
365 mm (14 3/8 in)

237 mm (9 11/32 in)

223 mm (8 25/32 in)

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