Grace Design BiX  - Stage and Studio PreDI/EQ
Grace Design BiX  - Stage and Studio PreDI/EQ

Grace Design BiX - Stage and Studio PreDI/EQ

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Grace Design introduce BiX - a crystal clear solid little acoustic instrument preamp.

Grace Design BiX is a compact version of the company's acclaimed FELiX and AliX acoustic instrument preamps. Performer and recording artists are switching onto this great family of stage and studio preamps. BiX, offers the same level of audio performance as FELiX and ALiX , but in a more compact pedalboard-friendly format with a streamlined control set and a gentle price tag any performing musician can afford. Plug into BiX, and you'll hear your instrument with pristine clarity.

Highs are silky and open, lows are strong and tight. Your playing dynamics come through, vibrant and true. Trust us: you're going to love the Grace Design BiX.

And now directly from this lineage comes BiX, which shares the exact same DNA of its bigger siblings, but with an intelligently streamlined feature set and a price that puts it in reach of any performer, whether on their way to the local coffee shop or the megadome.

Controls are dead simple – input gain, high and low shelving EQ, and a 10dB variable boost circuit, with footswitches for mute and boost. I/O includes the instrument input, separate send and return insert jacks, an unbalanced line output, and a balanced ISO DI output on XLR. For enhanced EQ control, rear panel DIP switches select between two different transition frequencies for both High and Low controls. And BiX is pedalboard friendly, with a 9VDC power input and a compact, rugged low-profile chassis.

Sonically, BiX is a carbon copy of its bigger siblings, with crystal clear, ultra-quiet audio performance. A better than 30VDC internal operating voltage provides for incredible headroom. The highs are smooth and open, and the lows are deep and rock solid. The dynamics and tone of the instrument come alive with clarity and realism, which translates to creating a deeper bond between you and your instrument.

  • 1/4" high impedance input
  • Separate FX send and return
  • 1/4" unbalanced line output
  • Balanced XLR DI transformer iso output
  • 10dB variable boost
  • Mute and Boost footswitches
  • High and Low shelving EQ
  • Selectable EQ transition frequencies
  • 9VDC operation
  • Over 30V internal operating voltage
  • Pedalboard friendly design
  • 5 year transferable warranty
  • Made in the USA
  • BiX Owner's Manual Rev B


    Line Output 0dB to +37dB
    DI Output, Level: Line -29dB to +8dB
    Boost 0dB to +12dB
    THD+N 22Hz-22kHz BW
    1kHz @ 0dB Gain +10dBu out < 0.002%
    1kHz @ 20dB Gain +10dBu out < 0.002%
    1kHz @ 36dB Gain +10dBu out < 0.005%
    @ 36dB Gain +10dBu out < 0.008%
    Line output @ 20dB Gain -3dB 10Hz - 185kHz
    DI output @ 10Hz - 40kHz
    Instrument Input 10MΩ / 1M Ω with TRS input cable, tip and ring shorted
    Insert Input 200kΩ
    Insert Output 150Ω
    Line Output 150Ω
    DI Output 150Ω
    Green threshold -13dBu
    Red threshold +12dBu
    Instrument Input +22dBu
    Insert Return (0dB Boost) +22dBu
    MAXIMUM OUTPUT LEVEL - 100k Ohm load, 0.1% THD
    Line Output +22dBu
    DI Output (Mic) -7dBu
    Insert Output +22dBu
    Gain +/-15dB
    Low Frequency (Low Range) 100Hz
    Low Frequency (High Range) 200Hz
    High Frequency (Low Range) 2kHz
    High Frequency (High Range) 4kHz
    Minimum Gain, Line Out 129dB
    Minimum Gain, DI Out 129dB
    OUTPUT NOISE 22Hz-22kHz BW
    Minimum Gain, Line Out -107dBu
    Minimum Gain, DI Output < -120dBu
    Maximum Gain, Line Out -78dBu
    Maximum Gain, DI Out -106dBu
    Connector 2.1mm Center Negative
    Nominal Input Voltage 9VDC
    Nominal Input Current 150mA
    Input Voltage Range 6VDC - 12VDC
    1.2lbs (0.55kg) H2.5" x W5.1" x D4.5" (H6.35cm x W13.0cm x D11.4cm)
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