Grace Design REX    Mic Pre Amp Pedal
Grace Design REX    Mic Pre Amp Pedal
Grace Design REX    Mic Pre Amp Pedal

Grace Design REX Mic Pre Amp Pedal

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REX is the little one:

• Mic input with 48V phantom power
• Switchable 75Hz High Pass Filter
• High and Low shelving EQ
• FX loop with individual send and return jacks
• Variable boost circuit
• Mute switch
• ¼” unbalanced output / XLR balanced ISO output
• 9VDC power supply

Why a MIC PREAMP pedal? Glad you asked. Here’s a few examples:
1. A singer can plug their favorite microphone into a Grace Design mic preamp with their own effect pedals in the FX loop and control their reverb, old-timey AM radio or distorted vocal effects however they want. Singers with pedal boards? Your time has come.
2. Horn players looking to expand their sonic palette. Flugelhorn into a wha-wha pedal with distortion and delay? All day. Baritone sax through an octave pedal? Dude.
3. Hardworking one-mic bluegrass bands with their very own high-fidelity Grace Design mic preamp on stage. If the banjo and bass player get in an argument, someone can please just tap the mute switch while they sort it out. Embarrassing situation averted.
4. Recording engineers can harness the creative possibilities in the studio by inserting their favorite guitar effect pedals into their signal chain. Killer desktop channel strip.
5. Any sonic explorer looking to add a singer.

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