Green Acoustics De-Mitter Diffusion 2 Units


Green Acoustics BB-Demitter 2 Units

Green Acoustics BB-Demitter - 2-piece classic mid-frequency absorber set. Cloth panel with wood frame. Absorption characteristics: 130-250Hz. Reaches its optimum efficiency in the key tone area, and is therefore most effective for vocal recording or even high-end call-centres. 

It can be put on top of the DE-Bass, be used as a base panel for the BB-Standard or installed  on the walls directly. Includes free accessory kit for installations (2x eye bolts, 2x hooks, 2x anchor bolts and 4x wooden feet). Dimensions: 824 x 824 x 150mm (without feet). Weight: 10.6kg.

Colour: White. Caution: not washable (washing will destroy the B1-fire certification).

NOTE: Telephone Alan @ ASAP 0207 231 9661 to confirm shipping prices for these units... They are heavy so we want to get you the best deal!