Heritage Audio Motorcity 7 Band Equalizer

Heritage Audio Motorcity 7 Band Equalizer

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Occasionally, something so special arrives, it turns the music industry upside down…and inside out. That is why Heritage Audio is incredibly pleased to offer the world’s first reproduction (and a dead on one at that) of the “Holy Grail” of classic EQ’s. The “MOTORCITY EQualizer”.

Recreated from original Motown units owned by eight-time Grammy winning producer, mixdown artist, and innovative engineering genius Michael Brauer, Heritage Audio has left no stone unturned, recreating the unmistakably huge, punchy and warm signature sound that makes this EQ as classic as the hits it helped create. From the 10-gauge hand brushed aluminum face plate, historically accurate control layout including custom molded bakelite knobs, the MOTORCITY EQualizer looks the part. More importantly, the unique passive equalization circuit is identical and fully faithful to the original design. The MOTORCITY EQualizer is so precise, it stands as the only EQ available that can rival, or even “best” the popular Pultec EQ.

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