Latch Lake MicKing 2200 Chrome

Latch Lake MicKing 2200 Chrome

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micKing® 2200

Winner: 2018 Summer NAMM Best In Show - Best Add On/Accessory

The micKing 2200 boom stand is our most recommended stand. It features all of the outstanding original patented features of the micKing including: the world's strongest boom clutch in its class, unique patented base, Spin Grip Mic Mount, movable counterweight and revolutionary lever lock adjustment systems. However, the 2200 differentiates itself with just one telescoping extension on both the boom and the mast. It performs flawlessly in all positions with the lightest to the heaviest of microphones. The MK2200 now utilizes the NEW 29 lb 16" base that comes standard on the MK3300. This foundation enables its immense strength and flexibility. The MK2200 is the perfect stand to prepare you for just about anything that comes your way.

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