Omni 8 TF08   Cardioid Condensor

Omni 8 TF08 Cardioid Condensor

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The heart of the TF08 is a unique proprietary cardioid capsule designed by the company’s owner and chief engineer Dr. Mark Fouxman. The capsule is a single sided 3-chambered design. The 1st and 2nd chambers shape the capsule's frequency response, and the 3rd sets time delay. This 3-chamber independence allows precise optimization of all parameters, it also ensures superior phase integrity in off axis response, so it takes EQ very well. The elimination of the capsules parasitic capacitances ensures low distortion and ultimate transparency, providing a very realistic sound picture.

Special attention has been paid to the acoustical optimization of the TF08 microphone body; there are no usual side bars in the head basket and the capsule is surrounded by special shaped acoustical lenses placed on the top and bottom. These facets eliminate standing waves and reflections. The sonically transparent grill uses redirecting mesh to provide protection and additional pop filtering.

The circuitry of the TF08 microphones integrates the highest quality components for low noise, and very natural and low coloration sonics. The TF08 has extremely high overload capability and handles and passes an undistorted output signal up to 10V!

The TF08 body utilizes the distinguished design characteristics of our ribbon microphones and is from stainless steel, with hexagonal grill. The TF08 comes with a microphone holder and a US made wooden storage box.

Created to facilitate a wide range of applications the TF08 delivers smooth sound, with deep bass response and an un-hyped, sibilance free, top end. Due to the un-colored and neutral nature of the sonics built into the TF08, it is especially suitable for applications where sibilance-free sound is a priority, notably vocals and voice over applications. The extended low end and smooth top end make the TF08 an excellent choice for violins, brass instruments, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitars, drum overheads, room microphones, orchestra, and choir among other recording, broadcast, and classical music applications.


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