Rupert Neve Design 5060 Centrepiece

Rupert Neve Design 5060 Centrepiece

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  • Analogue summing mixer and DAW transport controller
  • Class A mix buss and custom transformers give you the sound of a respected Neve 5088 console
  • Mix channels 1-8 can be stereo or centre-panned mono, and have mute switches and insert points
  • Mix channels 9-24 are stereo, with rotary faders for mixing
  • Stereo master buss has a transformer-coupled insert point
  • Silk Red and Silk Blue modes add rich harmonic content to your mix
  • Three monitor outputs for multiple speaker setups
  • High-quality headphone amp is loud and clear
  • Transport controls for your DAW software via MIDI or USB

    The Rupert Neve 5060 Centrepiece is a Class-A 24x2 desktop mixer with flexible monitoring, DAW transport control and custom transformers.

    The Rupert Neve 5060 is the centrepiece of modern hybrid analogue/digital systems and provides many functions such as summing from your DAW to 2-track, audio source selection, monitoring feed outputs. The 5060 has been designed to be the core of a bigger, modular and scalable system and integrates your DAW seamlessly to external analogue units such as other Portico units.

    The Rupert Neve 5060 Centrepiece uses Rupert Neve’s proven high voltage Class A design with custom transformers, famous for delivering detailed, spacious and larger than life sound. In addition, the 5060 feature the Silk/Texture controls giving further tonal shaping capabilities by adding harmonic distortion. With two modes, Silk red and Silk Blue, it is possible to tailor where the harmonic distortions happens. In Silk red, the harmonic saturation happens in the high-mid and high frequencies producing a more open sound whereas in Silk blue mode, the harmonic distortion happens in the low-mid and lows, delivering a denser sound with more weight. The Silk mode recalls Rupert’s Neve previous vintage Class A designs.

    Stereo inputs 1-8 are controlled by four 100mm long-throw fader and can be either stereo or centre panned mono. They also feature insert points while the main input channels feed a separate “to monitor” output which can have talkback assigned and can be used to feed stems to multi-track recorders. The remaining 16 stereo inputs are controlled by 8 rotary knobs on the top of the unit and can be used for stems as well as aux inputs. A Stereo Buss Master fader provides the overall level of the stereo buss monitor as well as stereo master output and features transformers coupled inserts.

    Finally, The 5060 Centrepiece provides standard transport functions within your DAW such as Play, Stop, Record, Fast-Forward, Rewind, Loop, shuttle/jog and marker drops. All you need to do is connect your 5060 via MIDI or USB and you can control your DAW of choice.

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