Samar Audio VL37A Active Ribbon Microphone

Samar Audio VL37A Active Ribbon Microphone

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Samar Audio – Design Obsession


The VL37A is an active version of the VL37. Specifically designed for extremely low noise applications, the VL37A heralds in a new era for the ribbon microphone, notably in classical music and broadcasting. It is also perfectly suited to movie, and studio recording environments.


Featuring a condenser-like output level, an optimized load on the ribbon and perfect impedance integration, the VL37A takes the strain rendering the choice of preamplifier and cabling less critical than it would be with a conventional ribbon microphone.


In keeping with the VL37, the motor structure and tuning of the VL37A are based on our industry acclaimed Samar MF65. All the microphones in the Samar Audio range use the same components. As with all of our microphones, the VL37A is entirely handcrafted and meticulously assembled using parts made exclusively in our US shop.


The VL37A tonal balance combines a vintage vibe with a modern sound, creating a unique but affordable recording tool. The bi-directional, figure 8, symmetrical polar pattern is perfect when used on vocals, choir, piano, violin, orchestra, brass instruments, acoustic and electric guitar, speaker cabinets and drum overheads. The VL37A specification is ideally suited to broadcast, and classical music applications but will perform perfectly in commercial rock and pop applications.


The Samar Audio VL37A sports the same beautiful Stainless Steel design as the VL37 and ships with a US made wooden box and anti-vibration shockproof clip.



Unique innovative design

Extremely low noise (4-5dB lower noise than already very quiet VL37)

Balanced ruler flat frequency response down to 20Hz (-0.43dB) and an unprecedented top end beyond 25kHz

Low noise, low distortion, made in house amorphous core toroidal transformers

Sophisticated motor with shortest front-to-back path ever seen in ribbon microphones

Low mass ribbon with a unique fine tuning adjustment assuring consistency from unit to unit 

Proprietary corrugation process to maintain ribbon’s integrity without special handling


Handcrafted in the USA

5-year parts-2-year ribbon replacement warranty

15-day satisfaction guarantee

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