Solid State Logic Pure Drive Quad - Mic Pre Conversion & USB Soundcard - Special Offer

Solid State Logic Pure Drive Quad - Mic Pre Conversion & USB Soundcard - Special Offer

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Mic Pre’s with Prestige

The PURE DRIVE QUAD harnesses Solid State Logic's renowned SuperAnalogue PureDrive™ microphone preamp technology, originally featured in the ORIGIN console. This advanced unit introduces a new DRIVE mode, comprehensive connectivity, and state-of-the-art digital conversion, all within a compact 4-channel 2U rackmount format. The ORIGIN recording console, a contemporary-classic from SSL, first introduced the groundbreaking PureDrive™ microphone preamplifier. This innovative preamp maintains the clarity and punch of SSL's previous designs while also offering the flexibility to switch its character to a warm, harmonically rich, and driven tone that varies with gain.

Key Features

  • 4 channel high-performance PureDrive™ mic preamps 
  • +48V phantom power, polarity invert and 3rd order hi-pass filter
  • Stepped Gain control up to +65 dB Gain 
  • 31-step Trim control, with precise 1 dB increments – overdrive the signal with the Gain control and then reduce to a suitable level using Trim. 
  • 3 modes for each preamp – Clean, Classic Drive and Asymmetric Drive 
  • Mic/Line Input Switching 
    • Mic via XLR  
    • Line via choice of TRS Jack or dedicated D-Sub connectivity 
  • 4 x front panel Hi-Z/DI Instrument unbalanced inputs with automatic input detection 
  • 4 mic preamp input impedance options – explore new tonal possibilities from your dynamic and ribbon microphones
  • Balanced analogue outputs/insert sends for external processing 
  • +24 dBu professional line level insert returns/ADC inputs 
  • Analogue to digital connectivity via ADAT, AES and USB
  • Ability to switch ADAT and AES connections to source audio from DAW outputs (USB) instead of the A/D converter 
  • USB soundcard mode : QUAD – 12 in / 12 out (@44.1/48 kHz) ; 4 x analogue + 8 x ADAT in (via Link in) / 4 AES + 8 ADAT outs
  • Stepped pots and digitally controlled analogue electronics for precision, stereo matching and ease of recall 
  • Up to 192 kHz and 32-bit conversion, professional I/O levels (+24 dBu = 0 dBFS). 
  • Selectable Auto-Sleep mode 
  • Auto-ranging Wordclock In and Out 

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