Speck Electronics EQF 810 Parametric Equaliser


What is the EQF 810?
The EQF 810 is a professional single channel analog parametric equalizer and variable filters in a 1/2 rack format.
It is simple...it is useful...and it delivers the high quality and specifications found in all Speck Electronics gear.
This compact 4-band parametric equalizer has 12 controls for equalization adjustment that covers the audio spectrum from a low 20Hz all the way up to 25kHz.

To enhance the classic EQ experience, the front panel includes a switch that will select either a "Jensen Transformer-Balanced" or "Active-Balanced" output.

The Rear Panel
Connect the EQF 810 to virtually any line level source: balanced, unbalanced, or mixer inserts. The EQF 810 has high headroom that will handle balanced signals up to +28dBu.
Both balanced XLR and balanced 1/4" jacks are provided for signal connections to and from the EQF 810.
4 Sweepable Bands
L Band - a low band that sweeps the low frequencies from 20Hz - 400Hz. This band offers a Peak/Shelf select switch.
L/M Band - a switchable low and mid band. This fully parametric section can be switched between a low frequency band that sweeps from 40Hz - 800Hz, or a mid frequency band that sweeps 400Hz - 8kHz. This band has a variable bandwidth adjustment.
M Band - a fully parametric mid band with a frequency sweep range from 400Hz to 10kHz.
H Band - a high band that adjusts the high frequency from 1.5kHz all the way up to 25kHz. This band also offers a Peak/Shelf select switch.
2 Variable Filters
Low Pass - A variable 12dB/Octave filter with Bypass switch is adjustable from 150Hz to 25kHz.
High Pass - A variable 12dB/Octave filter with Bypass switch is adjustable from 20Hz to 250Hz. The 5X switch will change the adjustable range from 100Hz to 1.2kHz.
Frequency Response
<2Hz-145kHz (-3dB)
THD+n (Output +24dBu)
Maximum Input Level
Maximum Output Level
+28dBu (Active-Balanced output)
+24dBu (Transformer-Balanced output)
Input Impedance
20K Ohms (Balanced)
10K Ohms (Unbalanced)
Output Impedance
60 Ohms (Active-Balanced output)
600 Ohms (Transformer-Balanced output)
Power Consumption
9 W
WxHxD=8.6" x 1.75" x 11"
(218mm x 44mm x 280mm)
Shipping Weight
7Lbs (3.2kg)